Motor Racing

Without a doubt, my years involved in motor racing was the best time in my life. I raced motocross and off-road motorcycles, promoted BMX, motocross and stock car races and sponsored riders in road racing, motocross and Class C dirt track motorcycle racing.

Along the way I made some great friends and had awesome adventures. In the 1977 Greenhorn Enduro, which went over the mountains from Pasadena to Greenhorn Mountain above Lake Isabella, I actually won the "B" class. It wasn't due to my enduro skills, having only ridden the event one other time. It was because Bob Brooks was part of my group of four riders. Bob was an "A" class rider so all I had to do was keep up with him! Enduro champion Dick Burleson won the "A" class that year and I think Bob was second.

Racing the inaugural Las Vegas 400 Off Road race in 1977 was another highlight for me. My partner and I were in way over our heads as the first race had only a pro class and one of the competitors was 500 CC World Champion Rolf Tibblin. Although we finished close to last place, at least we completed the entire 400 mile course and I was one tired puppy at the end.

In 1981 I teamed with Rob Tolleson and we finished second in the Sportsman Class. Actually Rob was the hero that year, as I broke my collarbone on my first 100 mile loop and he rode the other three. Casey Folks promoted the event and I later volunteered to help him publicize the race.

As great as it was to race, I got as much satisfaction sponsoring other racers. Gary Bevans and Rob Tolleson were both very talented racers who I helped to some degree. Gary competed in motocross, Class C dirt track and road racing, while Rob began in motocross and then transitioned into off road cars. Rob won two Baja races in Class 1-2 1600 and was named HDRA Rookie of the Year in 1985.

Everyone should have such fantastic memories!