Over the years I've had an off-again, on-again fling with bicycles, both mountain and on the road. Traveling for work and being away from home as much as I was for years made it tough to keep riding. One place where I did a lot of mountain biking was Missouri and the trails there are fantastic! Being used to the dry trails of the west, it took some adjustment to handle the wet and slippery trails of the east.

The two most fun rides I ever did were from downtown Los Angeles to Mono Lake, about 300 miles (climbing from sea level to over 9500 feet) over six days and the Rosarito to Ensenda ride in Baja Mexico, a mere 50 miles in one day. Both were one time (for me) adventures that I'll never forget.

Oh, that big wheel? A friend was riding it in a parade where I grew up in Lanaster and I got to give it a try. Imagine solid tires, no suspension and a seat with no padding and it's not a ride you'd want to take very far.